• Nate Weeks

    Nate Weeks

  • Kamil Kolacek

    Kamil Kolacek

  • Warren Ferster, Manchester

    Warren Ferster, Manchester

    Warren Ferster is a UK based business professional and leader and the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC). Visit WarrenFerster.net!

  • Icoslife


  • Alan Huynh

    Alan Huynh

    Foodie, data viz, R junkie, hobby data scientist. I love analyzing the environment, public policy, and pro sports

  • Sachin Kerur

    Sachin Kerur

  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    My breakthrough book, “The Underdog Paradox,” is #1 on Amazon, available in 130+ countries, and 10,000+ bookstores (jamierusso.me).

  • Mateusz Treder

    Mateusz Treder

    Forerunner of Digital Transformation during the day and avid Machine Learning engineer at night. I write about #energy #mobility #AI #software #IoT #leadership

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